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Pension Funds

Pension Funds Management and Investments

The State Treasurer's Office administers the investment policies and strategies adopted by the
Vermont Pension Investment Committee for the benefit of the Vermont State Retirement System, Vermont State Teachers' Retirement System and Vermont Municipal Employees Retirement System.

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Vermont Pension Investment Committee

The charge of the Vermont Pension Investment Committee is to combine the assets of the State Teachers' Retirement System of Vermont, the Vermont State Employees' Retirement System, and the Vermont Municipal Employees' Retirement System for the purpose of investment in a manner that is more cost- and resource-efficient and will improve the effectiveness of the oversight and management of the three systems' assets. VPIC also aims to maintain the actuarial, accounting, and asset allocation integrity of the three systems.

VPIC Mission Statement

The mission of the Vermont Pension Investment Committee (VPIC) is to make and manage investments for the Vermont State Employees' Retirement System, Vermont State Teachers' Retirement System, Vermont Municipal Employees' Retirement Systems, and the other Public Retirement System, with integrity, prudence, and skill to meet or exceed the financial objectives of the beneficiaries of the funds.

Pension Funds Financial Snapshot

The Vermont Pension Investment Committee (VPIC) systems had combined assets of approximately $4.6 billion as of June 30, 2020.

Net rates of return for the ten years through June 30, 2020 were:

  • 7.2 percent for the Vermont State Retirement System
  • 7.2 percent for the State Teachers' Retirement System
  • 7.2 percent for the Vermont Municipal Employees' Retirement System

Comparatively, for the ten years ended June 30, 2020, the median public retirement plan in the United States  < $5 Billion (InvestorForce Public Defined Benefit net data) had an average annualized total return of 8.1 percent.

​Over the long term, Vermont's systems in aggregate compare favorably with the majority of public pension plans.

To see financial performance reports for the pension systems, click on one of the systems below:

   Vermont State Employees' Retirement System (VSERS) 
   Vermont State Teachers' Retirement System (VSTRS) 
   Vermont Municipal Employees' Retirement System (VMERS)

Aggregate Data

In addition to the financial performance report for each system, aggregated data for all systems is available here.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is essential to the investment performance of the plan. In order to insulate the portfolios from short-term market fluctuations, the three pension systems diversify assets across a broad group of asset classes, which enables each portfolio to maintain stability through market cycles of the different asset classes. Each system's assets are invested in stocks, bonds, global asset allocation strategies and real estate. These investment categories have imperfect correlations, so if one category is faltering, another may be doing exceedingly well. This strategy minimizes the effects of short term volatility that occurs within each asset class and is totally different from market timing, in which an investor attempts to predict the ups and downs of various markets. In such a strategy, substantial losses can occur if the timing decision is incorrect.

Pension Funds Asset Allocation

Current targeted allocation (Approved as of June 22, 2021):

Pension Funds Holdings

Links to holdings of the VPIC portfolio as of the most recent fiscal year end and the most recent quarter are listed below. For holdings in periods other than those listed, please contact

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