Financial Education in Vermont

Being "financially literate" means you have the knowledge, skills and habits to successfully manage your money. A growing body of research shows a wide range of benefits to individuals, families and communities where its citizens are actively practicing sound money management skills. Such skills include using a budget or plan for monthly spending; regularly saving some of today's money for tomorrow's needs; managing your use of credit to avoid over-extending yourself; and investing funds to allow your money to grow. The pages in our financial literacy section organize resources for you so that you can quickly get to information you can use. The links to these pages are located on the righthand side of this page. We hope these pages help you continue to move forward toward a more financially secure future.

What's New in Financial Literacy?

VT Treasury Cup Challenge Winner for 2015

Ten Vermont high schools competed this year to win the gold Treasury Challenge Cup. The annual tournament tests student knowledge in personal finance and economics. See who won this year!

Students Complete Reading Challenge!

As part of our Reading is an Investment program, elementary school students are challenged to complete a personal reading log that tracks the books they read about money and the time spent reading. This year, more than 5,600 students completed their logs and returned them to the Treasurer's office. Twenty of the students won $250 college savings accounts through a random drawing. See who won.

2015 Poster Contest Winners Announced

Our annual statewide poster contest gives teachers and parents an opportunity to introduce financial topics to kids and use art to express these ideas. Our 2015 contest theme was "To build a money plan, I will . . ." .

Request a Free Credit Report

When was the last time you checked your credit report? Financial experts recommend you check your credit report from the three main credit reporting agencies at least once a year. There is only one web source authorized by Federal law to obtain a free credit report from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. That site is annual credit report. com. Check now.

What is a FICO Score?

Credit scores influence the credit that's available to you. At this link the Fair Isaac Corporation explains how credit scores are calculated.

Financial Literacy Task Force Completes Work

A task force on financial literacy has unveiled a 13-point plan for increasing financial skills and knowledge among Vermonters. State Treasurer Beth Pearce applauded the work of the task force and pledged support for developing a long-term strategy for improving financial literacy among Vermonters. Visit this web site to read the full recommendations. The Treasurer's office was one of many stakeholder groups that served on the task force.

Financial Literacy Trust Fund

We recognize these trust fund supporters for their partnership with the Treasurer's Office in promoting financial literacy.