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Treasurer Pieciak Reminds Vermonters to Search for Missing Money on National Unclaimed Property Day

January 30, 2023

Montpelier, VT – National Unclaimed Property Day is this Wednesday, February 1st, and Treasurer Mike Pieciak is pleased the State of Vermont is partnering again with the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) to remind Vermonters to search for and claim their missing money.

The Treasurer’s Office currently holds $119 million of unclaimed property. In 2022, the Office paid out over 15,000 claims totaling over $5.3 million that went back into the pockets of Vermonters.       

“Our staff works tirelessly to return unclaimed property to its rightful owner, and with over $100 million held by our office, I encourage Vermonters to take a few minutes this week to check our website and see if money is waiting to be returned to them,” said Treasurer Pieciak. “The average claim last year was over $400 and our staff stands ready to make the process of reclaiming your money quick and easy.”

Treasurer Pieciak would like to highlight two recent experiences with the Office’s Unclaimed Property Division that are representative of the care and service that team provides.   

 “[The] Office was very helpful in claiming the property left behind by my parents. You walked all six of us through the process and made it very simple, despite being spread from Maine to Washington State. I believe most of us have completed the process, and we’ve all donated our share of the funds to our oldest brother to help his heating bill this winter. Thanks to you all!” - 2022 Unclaimed Property recipient

“My family and I are so happy with Vermont’s Office of the State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Division. Despite our best efforts, we found that the family had unclaimed funds following the recent closing of an estate. The Unclaimed Property Division was very proactive in assisting us through the process of accessing these funds. We couldn’t be happier with …the whole team in the Unclaimed Property Division.” - 2022 Unclaimed Property recipient

“Unclaimed property” includes assets like uncashed checks, lost valuables, forgotten security deposits, misplaced insurance policies, investments, or estates. Currently there are close to 1 million properties waiting to be claimed. There is never a charge to claim funds through the Treasurer’s Office. Vermonters are cautioned to be wary of companies claiming to locate and recover property for a fee.

You can search online at or call the Unclaimed Property Division at (802) 828-2407 or toll-free in Vermont at 1-800-642-3191.