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Municipal Equipment Loan Fund


The Municipal Equipment Loan Fund is governed by Vermont Statute Title 29, Chapter 61.

The Municipal Equipment Loan Fund was created for the purpose of providing loans on favorable terms to municipalities for the purchase of construction, fire, emergency or heavy equipment or vehicles.

The amount loaned shall be no more than 75% of the purchase price of the equipment and shall be repaid in no more than five years. For loans to a single municipality the interest rate is two percent. For loans to two or more municipalities jointly purchasing equipment, there shall be no interest assessed.

A committee, consisting of the State Treasurer, Secretary of Transportation, Commissioner of Public Safety and Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, reviews and approves applications.

How to Apply

Application Form

Committee Members

  • State Treasurer, Chair
  • Secretary of Transportation or Designee
  • Commissioner of Motor Vehicles or Designee
  • Commissioner of Public Safety or Designee

Agendas & Meeting Minutes

   Agenda                                      Minutes   
06/17/2023                               06/17/2023 Draft
12/22/2022                               12/22/2022
06/17/2022                               06/17/2022
06/22/2021                               06/22/2021
06/30/2020                               06/30/2020
12/18/2019                               12/18/2019
06/12/2019                               06/12/2019
12/18/2018                               12/18/2018
05/30/2018                               05/30/2018
12/15/2017                               12/15/2017
05/25/2017                               05/25/2017
12/21/2016                               12/21/2016
05/31/2016                               05/31/2016