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VSERS Health Insurance Information

State Group Health Insurance

The Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plans offered to retirees are the same plans offered to active State employees. The two plans are SelectCare and TotalChoice. The below is a brief comparison chart of the coverage provided on each plan.

Group Health Insurance Comparison Chart

The below charts represent the premium cost for retirees that are eligible for the 80% subsidy. If you are unsure what subsidy rate you are eligible for, please contact the Retirement Division at tre.retirementoffice@vermont.gov or 1-802-828-2305 toll free in Vermont only at 1-800-642-3191. 

Premium Rates for Calendar Year 2023 effective January 1, 2023:

2024 SelectCare and TotalChoice Retiree Rates - 80% Subsidy

If you need to make a change to your health insurance plan, please see the below enrollment/change form to complete. Completed applications can be emailed to tre.benefitpayroll@vermont.gov, faxed to 1-802-828-5182 or mailed to The State of Vermont Retirement Division, 109 State St, Montpelier, VT 05609.

Group Health Insurance Enrollment/Change Form

Retired Prescription Drug Plan

Prior to becoming Medicare eligible all retirees and the non-eligible dependents will continue to be covered by the Express Scripts plan the retiree had as an active employee. You will not receive a new card when you retire from state employment.

Express Scripts also provides a prescription drug benefit for Medicare Retirees and retiree dependents who are eligible for Medicare, known as Express Scripts Medicare PDP. This plan is better than a Medicare Part D plan as it provides additional coverage that "wraps" around the standard plan.  This allows the State of Vermont to supplement the plan so that the same drugs are available to members as in the active employee's prescription drug plan. As a Medicare eligible retiree or dependent, you may not enroll in another Part D plan.

The Retirement Office will send you a letter reminding you to sign up for Medicare benefits  2-3 months prior to your 65th birthday. It is a requirement to enroll in Medicare Part A and B for all retirees and dependents when first eligible. Once the retiree and/dependent are enrolled in Medicare you will need to provide a copy of your Medicare Part A and B card to the Retirement Office. The staff will enroll you in the Express Scripts Medicare PDP. Once enrolled, you will receive a new ID card from Express Scripts, which can be used at your pharmacy.

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