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Recognizing Government Impersonation Scams

August 12, 2019

The State Treasurer's Office fields dozens of calls each day. Vermonters occasionally report potential phone scams, in which callers impersonate State of Vermont personnel. When we learn of potential scams, we notify the Vermont Attorney General's Office to coordinate efforts to prevent continued fraudulent activity. 

The Attorney General's Office's Consumer Assistance Porgram recently published this list of known government impersonation scams in Vermont. Below, please find information about reports of a scam from this summer. You can find additional notes in the Attorney General's Office's publication linked above.

Identify It: Government scams can come in many different forms other than the well-known IRS and SSN scam. Recently, CAP has been notified about a scam call that claims to be from the State Treasurer and that the recipient owes money related to student loan debt.

What to Know: Spot this scam by looking out for debt calls that threaten legal action if payment information is not given.

Have questions? Contact the Treausrer's Office by calling (802) 828-1451.