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Statutes and Guidelines

Investment Statutes and Guidelines

State statute governs the investment of the State's operating and restricted cash (i.e. nonpension funds) through two sections. One statute provides a list of eligible investments for all public monies while the latter governs trust funds (the Trust Investment Account) with a longer horizon. In addition, the Treasurer's Office issues additional guidance that is reviewed periodically, to assure that the three investment objectives -- safety, liquidity, and yield -- are met.

Short-Term Investment Guidelines

State Statutes Pertaining to Cash Management

This is an unofficial copy of the pertinent Vermont Statutes Annotated, provided as a convenience. It has not been edited for publication.

The "official" version of the Vermont Statutes Annotated is online at LexisNexis Publishing. The LexisNexis site includes the Vermont Statutes, the Vermont Court Rules, and a sophisticated search capability.

Title 32, Chapter 7: The Public Monies

§ 433. Investment of state money

§ 434. Investment of certain funds