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Just for Parents and Kids

Graduate holding a large quarterTeaching your children about money and how to manage it  for their financial future is a job many parents want to tackle, but are unsure of where to begin. The State Treasurer's Office has organized links on this page as a starting point for parents who want their children to become financially literate. Keep in mind that teaching these skills to your children is a process. Six key topic areas to build upon are: setting goals, earning money, spending money wisely through budgeting, understanding the value of money as you save and invest, using credit responsibly, and protecting assets. You can also teach your children, even if your own money habits aren't perfect. Together, you can develop skills the whole family will benefit from.

Educational Resources

Kids & Money Share Your Knowledge

Do you talk with your kids about money? In this MoneyEd fact sheet, the Treasurer's Office shares developmental stages outlined by the National Endowment for Financial Education to help you introduce your child to financial concepts. Five core areas progress for children ages 2-4 through the teen years.

Attention Parents of Elementary Age Children - Reading is an Investment

Help your child complete a personal reading log of books aimed at teaching lessons about money. If your child sends a completed reading log to the Treasurer's Office by the annual deadline he or she will entered into a drawing to win one of twenty $250 Vermont Higher Education Investment Plan savings accounts. Also, view online lessons and activities and a reading list of books that explore money themes.

How to Raise a Money Smart Child Guide

Money Smart Child CoverThe Money Smart Child initiative aims to support parents in teaching their children about money. Check out the link above to view a guide with helpful tips on teaching kids about money. A free parent workshop is also available to interested schools, public libraries and community groups. The two hour workshop examines personal finance topics parents should cover with their children, explores "teachable moments" parents can use to communicate financial information, and introduces parents to hands-on activities they can do with their children.

Kids and Money: The Doubling Penny Exercise

Here's a fun exercise that illustrates the concept of compound interest, the importance of consistently putting money away for the future, and the reward for patiently letting your savings grow! 

What's Up in Finance?

Teens will enjoy playing games and watching clips on stories related to the world of finance. This site is distributed by American Public Television.

Teens: Be Smart About Your Money

This link will give you tools to make the most of your cash. 

VT Financial Education Clearninghouse

Learn about classes and resources in your local area.

WOW! More Financial Ed Resources

At view financial ed resources from more than 20 different federal web sites.

Check-out Your Public Library!

The Vermont Department of Libraries features a list of public libraries by town on their web site.  Check here and learn more about your local library and the personal finance resources they have!