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Holder Information and Resources

Holders play a vitally critical role in helping the State Treasurer Office achieve its goal of reuniting rightful owners with their lost and/or abandoned assets.

Annual Report Due Date

May 1. All holders must submit their report and remittance for all amounts shown by this day (envelopes postmarked by this day are acceptable). When/if May 1 occurs on a weekend or holiday, the report is due (postmarked) the following business day.

Report Filing Assistance

Holder Reporting Manual:  The State of Vermont Holder Reporting Manual explains the process, laws, forms and other aspects for reporting unclaimed property to the State of Vermont.
How-To Guide:   This How-to-Guide describes the information required to complete the  Annual Compliance Report Cover Sheet/Verification Checklist and the NAUPA Holder Reimbursement form.
Reporting Requirements by Property Type:  Contains reporting specifics based on the type of property.
Due Diligence Letter Sample:  This shows one example of a Due Diligence Letter.
Dormancy Periods: This chart shows how dormancy varies by property and holder types. 
Online Report Submissions: If using UPExchange, file directly to Vermont by selecting the state option. If using other online reporting tools, use Vermont Holder Website without cost to upload and send your report to the Vermont Unclaimed Property Division. Note: a hardcopy of the signed cover sheet/affidavit must be sent to the Unclaimed Property office along with the remittance and/or confirmation page.

Unclaimed Property Reporting Package

All filings must include:

  • Annual Report Cover Sheet/Verification Checklist (a two-sided or two-page form dependent upon how it is printed); must contain a notarized signature and accompany all reports
  • Report Details in NAUPA Format (either manually on Schedule A/B - when reporting 10 items or less - or digitally/electronically via encrypted e-mail, compact disc, memory stick/flash/thumb drive)
  • Printed Copy of Report and Cover Sheet/Verification Checklist (when submitting items digitally)
  • Remittance for All Amounts/Securities/Shares Shown on Report (check, electronic/ACH, etc.)
  • Transfer Documentation for Any and All Shares/Securities Reported
  • Safe Deposit Box Cover Sheet and Inventory Report (ONLY when reporting contents of safe deposit boxes)


Annual Compliance Report Cover Sheet and Verification Checklist

Must accompany all reports and contain a notarized signature.

Report Cover Sheet

Schedules for Reporting 1 to 10 Items

Use this form to report 10 and fewer items in cash or stocks, bonds, etc.

Schedule A (Monetary)
Schedule B (Securities)

Tools for Reporting More Than 10 Items

When reporting more than 10 properties, holders must submit filings electronically/digitally in standard electronic NAUPA format via compact disc, encrypted email, thumb/flash drive, 3.5-inch high density diskette. Send this along with one printed copy of the report and annual report cover sheet/verification checklist by US Postal Service, express delivery or email to the Vermont State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Division.

Online Reporting Tools

Holders have several on-line options from which to choose:

Eagle Technology Management


Wagers & Associates 

HRS Pro (available as a free download)
HRS Pro User Guide

Safe Deposit Box Reporting

Report all safe deposit box contents on the Safe Deposit Box Inventory form and send to the Unclaimed Property Division with the notarized, signed Safe Deposit Box Cover Sheet. 

Safe Deposit Box - Cover Sheet
Safe Deposit Box - Inventory Report

Note: Safe Deposit Box forms and box contents are due 120 days after the May 1 filing deadline; although, you must indicate on the annual report cover sheet how many boxes will be shipped, do not include these with the annual report filing.

Negative Reports

Vermont Unclaimed Property Statutes do not mandate the filing of negative reports, but businesses and other entities are encouraged to file these as evidence of conducting a thorough review of financial records.
To file a negative report, complete the Annual Compliance Report Cover Sheet and insert zeros in the total lines.

Filing Extensions

Need more time to file an annual compliance report?

Submit a written request to extend your report filing due date - at least 30 days before May 1 - to the Unclaimed Property Division of the State of Vermont Office of the Treasurer.  Describe the circumstance(s) for the delay and indicate the anticipated report delivery date.

Voluntary Compliance Program

Never filed an abandoned property report with the State of Vermont?

Start complying with state law while avoiding penalties and interest through the Unclaimed Property Division Voluntary Compliance Program.
Submit a written request to participate - by mail, fax or email - to the Vermont Unclaimed Property Division to start the process.

VCP Eligibility: Holders unaware of their legal obligation to report – or that have failed to comply with the Vermont Unclaimed Property Law – can report unclaimed property liabilities without assessment of any penalties and interest and participate in the VCP, except when the holder

  • is currently under an Unclaimed Property examination, or
  • has been notified by the State Treasurer Office – or by a third party on behalf of the State Treasurer Office – of the intent to conduct an unclaimed property audit (includes all subsidiaries and related parties).

Reimbursement Requests

Holders seeking reimbursement for property reported as abandoned but eventually paid to the owner can obtain a return of those funds by completing and submitting the NAUPA Holder Reimbursement Request form. 
Send the form to the Unclaimed Property Division along with any documentation supporting the request: evidence of repayment or explanation for the error in the filing. 

Holder Reimbursement - NAUPA

Unclaimed Property Presentations

Want the Unclaimed Property Division to make a presentation to your group? Want to learn more about unclaimed property laws, the industry, reporting process and requirements? Send email to tre.upcompliance@vermont.gov or call our office at (802) 828-2407.