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VSERS Group Plans

The Vermont State Retirement System, for state employees, consists of several group plans. These group plans are based upon where you are employed, when you were hired and what decisions you made regarding your participation in a plan.

Group A

Group A covers employees in active service as of June 30, 1981 and elected to continue to make contributions, or were hired between July 1, 1981 and June 30, 1984 and elected to enroll in Group A. This plan is closed to new enrollment.

Group C

Group C covers state police officers and public safety employees assigned to law enforcement duties.

Group D

Group D covers supreme court justices, as well as superior and district court judges. Probate judges, appointed prior to July 1, 1987 are also covered by this plan. Probate judges are now in Group F.

Group F

Group F is the plan most employees belong to. State employees hired between January 1, 1991 and June 30, 2008.

Group F*

Group F* is the plan for State employees hired after July 1, 2008. State employees are automatically enrolled in this plan.

Group E

Group E is a grandfathered plan whose members were transferred to Group F.

Group B

Group B is a grandfathered state police plan with no active members.