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Retiree Dental Insurance

Members of the State, teacher, or municipal retirement systems are given a one-time option at the time of retirement to choose Retiree Dental Insurance at the full premium cost to the member. Members may also cover all eligible dependents, if applicable. The State will not contribute any portion of the dental premium. Once a retiree chooses Plan A or Plan B, her or she cannot switch at a later date. This coverage may be dropped at any time, but a retiree cannot elect to be covered again in the future.

If a retiree does not elect to take dental coverage at the time of retirement, the retiree will not be able to enroll at a later date unless there is a qualifying event, such as loss of existing dental coverage as a result of termination of employment for either the retiree or retiree's spouse, or death of the retiree's spouse. Should a retiree experience one of these events, he or she may contact the Retirement Office for the appropriate form in which to obtain the coverage within 60 days of the qualifying event.

Eligible Persons/Dependents

Retirees, spouses, partners of a civil union, domestic partners or subscribers who are such at the time of the subscriber's initial enrollment in the plan, surviving dependent beneficiaries and eligible dependents may be enrolled. Children may be covered from their second birthday until their 26th birthday. If enrolling dependents, all eligible dependents must be enrolled unless they are covered elsewhere. In all cases, Northeast Delta Dental will provide coverage for newborn children for the first thirty-one (31) days following birth at no additional premium. Upon receipt of an enrollment form for a newborn child, coverage will resume on the first day of the month following the date of the child's second birthday.

Retirees may add a newly acquired dependent on the first of the month following a qualifying event, such as a marriage, birth or adoption of a new child. Contact the Retirement Division for the form to add a new dependent, which must be returned to the division along with proof of the qualifying event--such as a marriage license, birth certificate or adoption papers--within 60 days of the qualifying event.

More Information on Services

Below is a link to a summary of services covered under the Retiree Dental Insurance. The current monthly premiums for Plan A and Plan B are listed in the bottom right-hand corner of the summary. If you have specific questions regarding your dental plan coverage, please contact Northeast Delta Dental directly at 1-800-832-5700 or 1-603-223-1234.

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